måndag, mars 07, 2016

Musikfeber's Collaborative Spotify Playlist

(English further down)

Tänkte testa om funktionen "collaborative playlist" i Spotify kan fungera som ett alternativt sätt för er att tipsa mig om er musik/era musiktips. Spellistan hittar ni här. Tanken är att musiker så väl som ni läsare kan lägga till era tips till mig i den. Låt oss se om det fungerar!

I am trying out a new way for you to notify me about your music/music recommendations. The link above will take you to a collaborative playlist on Spotify. The idea is that you, whether you are a musican or a reader, can add a song or two to the list. Since my inbox is overloaded and I rarely have the time to go through the emails coming in; this would be an easier way for me to discover the music you would like to share with me. Let's see if it works!

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